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Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous brands in the world of blended Scotch whiskeys. They are all available in different size

Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous brands in the world of blended Scotch whiskeys. Each marque has its own color designation, from red to black, to green and then gold. At the pinnacle of the Johnnie, Walker line is the exceptionally well regarded Blue Label blended Scotch whiskey. They are all available in different sizes

BlueLabel is an online database for the international art world. BlueLabel was developed for modern and contemporary artists to record details of their art works to ensure that these are permanently stored and easily accessible.

Art works are more valuable when fully documented but modern technology may increase the chances for data loss. BlueLabel caters to all members of the international art world and allows artists to securely register the details of their artwork online to prevent loss. Artists create “labels” for their works – online documents that detail all of the essential information for the work. These labels can then be accessed by members and non-members, sent, collected and managed.

Unlike other art archives, BlueLabel is artist driven and guarantees the authenticity of its contents by the very nature of its design.

The data entry system complies with advanced, international archival standards; it is a relevant tool not only for conventional media such as painting and sculpture but also for new media practices and alternative contemporary art forms such as film, video, performance, internet art and site-specific art.


BlueLabel was founded by Anne Faggionato in 2009. The website is currently undergoing a period of significant redevelopment.


In 2010, BlueLabel sponsored New York Gallery Week and the Richard Hamilton exhibition at Serpentine Gallery. BlueLabel also sponsored a show curated by William Mackrell exclusively from BlueLabel members, A Tender Cut.

In 2011, BlueLabel again sponsored New York Gallery Week and also sponsored In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art (a traveling exhibition, opening at The Foundation for Visual Arts, Middelburg), an exhibition that looks at artists’ certificates from the past 50 years and how their roles have shifted and developed.


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